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Welcome to our flute sheet music section! Our site's database contains more than 100 flute sheet music items. This sheet music section of our site intended to help flute artists and flute players, who are not able to find the real "paper" sheet music. Try to be familiar with the flute piece you are going to play. Listen to a recording of the flute music that you will be playing and try to read the sheet music as the flute is playing. A combination of being familiar with the piece and with being able to sight-read sheet music is what makes great musicians play very complex music without a fault.

Before playing, identify the difficult parts and concentrate on them. Note the key and time signatures and dynamics, the crescendos and decrescendos and their beginnings and ends. Also go through the music and note the places where you can breathe in. Use a pencil so you can erase and move breath marks if you locate more natural breath points after you have played through the piece.

We have both ancient (Bach, Mozart, Hoffmeister, e.t.c) and contemporary composers (Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Tariverdiev e.t.c) flute sheet music. You can get the PDF sheet music for 14.99 Euro per one sheet music material.

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1 Beethoven - Flute sonata B-flat major
2 Berio Luciano - Sequence N1 for flute
3 Boulez - Sonatina for flute
4 Denisov Edisson - Flute Concerto (Orchestra Score)
5 Denisov Edisson - Flute Sonata
6 Dutilleux - Sonatina for flute and piano
7 Dvorak - Sonatina for flute op.100
8 Eshpai - Three pieces for solo flute
9 Feld - Flute sonata
10 Gubaidulina - Sounds of the forest for flute and piano
11 Ibert - Flute concerto
12 Ibert - Jeux -Sonatina for flute
13 Ibert - Piece for flute solo
14 Karg Elert - Sonata Apassionata for flute
15 Khachaturian - Flute concerto
16 Kuhlau - Grande Sonate concertante for flute and piano op.85
17 Martinu - Flute sonata
18 Messiaen - Le Merle Noir for flute and piano
19 Monti - Czardash for flute and piano
20 Poulenc - Flute sonata
21 Prokofiev - Flute sonata N2 op.94
22 Rodrigo - Concierto pastoral for flute
23 Schubert - Introduction and variations for flute op.160

The flute came into its own during the Baroque period, but its popularity increased to an even greater extent during the Classical and Romantic periods. One of the reasons for this was the invention by Theobald Böhm in 1832 of an instrument based on a new system. However, many players and makers of the flute had attempted since the end of the 18th century to make improvements to the instrument. Such attempts were clearly closely connected with trends and tastes during the Classical and Romantic periods, and the resulting improvements had the effect of imbuing the flute with new expressive potential. At the beginning of the Romantic era, before Böhm had devised his new system, the flute had already become one of the most popular instruments in amateur music-making, taking its place in this respect beside the piano and the guitar. The fact that an extensive literature for the flute came to be published is a reflection of the enormous demand which existed for flute music at this time.

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